Visit Cannes

When you visit Cannes, the question isn’t what to do, but where should you start?
This French Riviera town is packed with great shopping, dining, amazing views, wonderful beaches and lots of fun things to do.
There are a lot of great places to see that you won’t want to miss. Here are some of those...

A good place to start in Cannes, is to explore the Old Town.

Old Town Cannes has lots of unique streets that curve and move you along in an interesting fashion. Not only are the streetscapes charming to look at, but they are lots of great restaurants. You’ll also find lots of shops catering to tourists in Old Town.

If you love food, you must check out Marché Forville in Cannes.

This is a giant market that really has no other equal in Cannes. It’s large and boasts immense variety with unique offerings. It’s packed with great herbs, meats, produce, fruits, cheeses, olives, breads and so much more! You’ll see amazing flowers and other things you’ll wish you could just scoop up!

The market is at the edge of the Quartier Suquet.

Another spot worth strolling is the port.

The waters of Cannes are packed with amazing yachts - certainly all of them owned by the rich and some of them may even be owned by the famous. Most of the yachts you see in Cannes are average sized. If you want to see the massive yachts of the French Riviera you have to check out the International Yacht Club in Antibes.

Visiting the beaches of Cannes is another very popular thing to do here.

While there are some Cannes public beaches, many of the beaches are private. Day and half-day rates vary. Some of the private beaches belong to the hotels along the La Croisette but non-guests of the hotels usually can use them. Daily average private beach rates in Cannes are about €35, which includes a use of an umbrella, chaise lounge and mattress. You also can use the restaurants and services for an additional fee.

There also are other activities in Cannes to enjoy. You can take a day cruise tour that will take you to variety of places, such as Monaco and St. Tropez.

One essential excursion has got to be the Lerins Islands which comprise the origins of the town. Taking the boat at Cannes port,you can quickly reach the 2 islands which are very closeby off the coast.

The first and largest island is "île Sainte Marguerite".

It is home to Fort Royal, a real fortress dating back to the Middle Ages. Inside, you will find a small village with a little chapel and above all, a prison. This historic building is renowned for having housed a prestigious inmate: the man in the iron mask. Today, visitors may visit part of the prison, including his room, whilst the rest of the building accommodates the Musée de la Mer (Museum of the Sea). This museum shows the flora and fauna around the islands , as well as it specializes in showcasing items lost at sea due to shipwrecks.

On the rest of the isle, walkers can enjoy ambling along the lanes bordered by eucalyptus, and the many signposted paths which criss-cross the island. As for bathers, they have the following choices: sandy or rocky beaches; the famous "flat rocks" or small coves...

The second island, "île Saint Honorat" is home to a community of Cistercian monks in the Lérins Abbey.

Visitors may attend some services and discover the products made by the monks. Another place to see: the fortified monastery. Built in the Eleventh Century, this historic building is an excellent example of the architecture of the Middle Ages. In addition to the fortifications, you can see the two cannonball furnaces at either end of the island.

Musée et Château de la Castre: Le Suquet Cannes

This charming museum is now in the spot that was once home to the Castle of Cannes. You’ll find a truly exotic collection here to enjoy, including relics from Mayan times, Peru, Asia, the Pacific Rim, pre-Columbian America, Greece and even the Middle East.