No matter why, there's always a good reason to extend your holidays

  • You want to fit in a brunch before packing your things in the car
  • Kids want another bunch of pool plunges
  • Your flight is scheduled to leave late
  • Too tired of your holidays activities, you need an extra sleepy time
  • Who wants to go back home?

Guess what?

During our Mid and Low season, we offer a lazy late check-out option. 

For a portion of the day tariff, you may be able to have a leisurely 5pm check-out and make the most of your last day at Les Citadelles.

Flat fee Villa : 250 €

Flat fee Apartment : 50€

The late check-out option is always based on avaibility and prior consent.


You just need to make the request and payment at least 48 hours before you leave.

Reminder: usual check-out time is 

10:00 am for the villa 

11:00 am for the apartment. 

This allows our cleaning team to have the right time to clean, sanitize and prepare the accomodation for our new guests properly.